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Dear Stakeholders and Friends,

We would like to inform you that from 1st of January of this year Dr. João Pereira has become Research & Development Director of the Romao de Sousa Foundation, directly in charge of the biennial Conference, the Open Dialogue Training Programmes, the Living Learning Experience events, the local Mental Health in Proximity projects and all the new projects now being developed, but retaining professional and training supervision over all mental health professionals of the Foundation.

The Executive Team at the Therapeutic Community Casa de Alba is now headed by Ms. Maria José Nepomuceno as Technical Manager and Ms. Jessica Nunes as Operations Manager, both reporting directly to the Foundation Chief Executive.

In this occasion we would like to express our best wishes of success and professional achievement to the three professionals who now start new responsibilities within the Foundation. And above all to register the huge contribution of Dr. Pereira to the Casa de Alba project since the start more than ten years ago. The brand recognition and the inumerous expressions of appreciation and acknowledgement from former residents and their families would not have been possible without Dr. Pereira guidance and dedication.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation

São Bento do Cortiço, 25th January 2024